Teamwork makes the dream work

Our backgrounds are rooted deeply across business, engineering and design.

Dillon Chen

CEO & Co-Founder

Dillon grew up in middle America and never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d be working on blockchain technologies during his lifetime. He’s spent too much time before this as a venture investor, a networked systems researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. He may or may not finish his business school degree. He loves reading books, so please find him on Twitter and suggest some books for him.

Drew Stone

CTO & Co-Founder

Drew is studying computer science and mathematics. He’s deeply passionate about the WIM HOF method, and we’re afraid he’s going to get hypothermia. Sometimes he does blockchain engineering and WIM HOFs at the same time.

Joe Farned

CPO & Co-Founder

Joe has been hacking on hardware and software systems for quite some time. When he’s not busy doing that, he can be found almost mixing rocket fuel and getting expelled from University of Pennsylvania. He has a deep interest in physics, kickboxing, and IoT. If you have a sport that’s at the intersection of those three things, please let him know immediately.

Jeff Wang

Design Lead

Jeff has been a national champion rower, set multiple world records at rowing, and climbed the height of everest in a single bike ride. For his next challenge, he’s turned his attention to the world of design and will no doubt leave a huge impact in his chosen field. While he’s not cranking away on Sketch files, you can find him in nature, rock climbing, or writing about design on Medium.